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Zhi Hao Ethan LimZhi Hao Ethan Lim Staff asked 1 year ago

Job Vacancy :
Software Developer
Main Language: Java
Programming experience in J2EE or Core Java
Experience in Java Netty NIO framework for protocol servers and clients.
Experience in Apache Maven Build Tools.
Experience with network sockets and various protocols
Experience in developing web server code handling GET, POST, PUT, DELETE
Experience in working with databases such as sqlite, mySQL etc.
Comfortable with Unix environments such as Linux shell.
Version control with GIT
Able to do basic front end development, preferably using react
Optional working experience/knowledge:
Code obfuscation
Encryption such as AES
Additional Programming Languages (C#, Javascript etc.)
CI/CD System

Responsibilities :
To develop, deploy and maintain a laser tag system software.
Contact: 018-3998515 (Ethan)